Here's a list of Scott's public projects. The Vim projects are the most popular. Most of the projects could and use some TLC, but they worked at one point in time and served the author well.


Make your terminal smoke.

Fake Pipe / Anonymizer

A simply way to anonymize data for exporting to various departments for analytics and troubleshooting. This tool allows us to annotate a DB schema with special comments that can trigger different data mutations.

Thread Logger

This is a logger wrapper that keeps in memory a ring buffer of log lines isolated to the Thread.current. The main use of this is to have access to log history for when exception happen.


Asinine things to do with ANSI escape codes.


Ruby profile with flame graphs.

GCP Directory

Listen to a directory for new files and send them to Google Cloud Print.


Golumn is a desktop CSV viewer to replace the column command. Think column with a "g". It behaves similar to the column command, but with a graphic user interface. It bridges the command line and desktop divide by allowing us to present tabular data outside the confines of the terminal.


A fake reference medical CRM with fake data and naughty queries.

Listen SQL

Helper scripts to monitor SQL file changes and execute them using psql.

Math Finder

Find math problems in the number grid. Kids love it. Solver included.

Model Mirror

This project provides a basic viewer of your Rails models without needing to configure your model relationships in YACF (Yet Another Config File).

ModelMirror inspects your existing ActiveRecord associations using reflection to figure out the relationships.


Always on top resizable dialog displaying a URL.

S3 Index

This gem is intended to provide a catalog of S3 objects in order to easily query the metadata about those objects. S3 can provide a list of objects, but that is slow. With S3Index, you can save and query that list using standard database tools and SQL.

Slack CLI

Post Slack messages from CLI.


Execute Javascript in the browser from the server using WebSockets.

SQL Probe

SQL Probe is a tool to trace SQL utilization in your application and provides a UI to investigate how tables are accessed.

Stream Stats

Output statistics about data from stdin while redirecting the data to stdout. The statistics are bytes read, bytes read per second, lines read, lines read per second and total seconds.

Similar to pv command which I didn't know about until after I created this project.


Solver using backtracking prioritizing fewer choices first.


Provides a mechanism to perform different movements based on repetition.


SendText-like support for running Vim with iTerm2

This plugin adds ag output to a side buffer with quick navigation mappings using comfortable Vim conventions.


Guess the surrounding text object.


This aims to make Vim window layouts a easier. The default mappings and commands make managing more than a couple windows difficult.


Wheeler is a naive Wheel of Fortune solver. It does this by indexing sampled text from where ever into every possible contiguous combination of words up to a max phrase length.