BS to the Black Hole

BS to Black Hole

First post in 2 years. Sorry to keep you waiting.

I've been playing with Vim again, more specifically NeoVim, and this time I think it's going to stick.

The Problem

Sometimes, I want to delete text without worrying about blowing away the unnamed register. This can be done by prefixing a normal or visual delete with "_, but that's an awkward dance for my pinky and ring finger. Go ahead, try it. You'll feel like you're in junior high again.

Solution #1

Setup a single key to do that "_ thing for me. So my naive approach was to add the following:

nnoremap <BS> "_
vnoremap <BS> "_

This was fine for 32.1 seconds of usability testing. It did the job, but what cames after a "_ was usually a dw or db operator. Ah oh, I said the "o" word. That means I have to make a opfunc. (Who makes these rules?!?)

Solution #2

So what is this operator going to let us do? How about <BS>iw or <BS>ap or v{motion around something you hate}<BS>? If any of those seem awesome, here's how to get in on the hot action!

" Add to your .vimrc or init.vim or vim.after or :e $MYVIMRC
func! BlackHoleDeleteOperator(type)
  if a:type ==# 'char'
    execute 'normal! `[v`]"_d'
  elseif a:type ==# 'line'
    execute 'normal! `[V`]"_d'
    execute 'normal! `<' . a:type . '`>"_d'

" Map to <BS> because it's under worked in Vim.
nnoremap <silent> <BS> <Esc>:set opfunc=BlackHoleDeleteOperator<CR>g@
vnoremap <silent> <BS> :<C-u>call BlackHoleDeleteOperator(visualmode())<CR>

How Does it Work?

  • opfunc is best explained in Vim help. Use :help opfunc and follow the <C-]> until clarity is achieved.

  • :help normal - evaluates the following characters as if they were typed.

  • :help marks - page down a bit to get the list of automatic marks based on last positions of various changes, jumps, and actions.

  • - seriously, this guy does a lot better explaining than me. Learn it the hard way, first, ask questions later.


Thanks for getting this far. Do you have a better mapping for <BS>? Do you have a more creative solution than typing "_ to access the black hole register? Let me know by commenting or share this post to some one who does.