Sumo mini-game notes

I’ve created a working version of the sumo and it is revealing some overall bugs for the game engine at large.
First the precision of two touch points greatly decreases when they are close together I presume this is an issue with capacitive screens and not a software issue. This issue hasn’t shown itself till now since the other games are faster paced and acurracy is less important. Second issue is motion jitters. This occurs when hold a target object in place. One would expect the item to never move, but thats not what happens. After a few seconds the held piece will violently spring around the touch point. This happens due to how the touch sensor provides me the information. I get touch events in 3 main categories: down, move, and up. (I’m specifically ignoring cancel for now.) On down I add a heavy mass to the touched object. This makes it practically immobile from impacts by other objects. When I get a move event I add linear velocity to the object so it can shift to the touched coordinate. If the finger is down and but never moves, I don’t get any other events from the sensor which tell me that it’s still down. I need to rely on an up event to negate the down. Unfortunately, I don’t always get the up event or even the cancel …….