Finger Mechanics. Help!

I am finding it near impossible to get a perfect simulation of finger to table top physics. I’m not sure if this is a hardware limitation or just my bad algorithm. In a previous post I had a workable solution by dragging pieces around instead of teleporting, and that does work enough. But now that the game is released I feel the need to make is better. The issue with dragging is the delay that is percieved when moving the object around very quickly. It looks like the object is chasing your finger which breaks the illusion. Fortunately, none of the mini-games use swirling but it bugs me in the Free Play mode.
In the real world, we can put two coins on a table and push one coins into the other. On a touch screen the coordinates come in after the push which is already too late for a perfect sim. So I think some predictive algorithm is in need.
If I can take a previous position and the current I should be able to predict the next and push the object there directly. Sadly, this type of math is my worst suit and I don’t have the time to figure it out. If anyone out there lives and breathes math, feel free to comment with a solution. Otherwise the whole word will have to play with drag physics or play a different game. Sad.