Day 9+X, 1 More Session and I'm done!


I believe I’m almost finished with some thing that I wouldn’t hate being in the market. I know that standard seems a bit low, but if I don’t release this thing soon it won’t ever get released.

The past sessions were all about artwork. This could have been a long rabbit trail, but my wife reminded me to get this thing done. And that every minute I send on this creation, I lose with my son. Anyway, artwork is basically done. I have to crop here and there. But I think it’s workable.

Here’s some things that are completed:

  1. game play of 2.5 mini games (2 full game, and a variation of one of them) 
  2. working menus, even replaying a game
  3. sound feed back for points in 1.5 of the games
  4. theme and art work - most from who has an amazingly flexible license which I couldn’t release this thing without.
  5. winning scenes and anxiety inducing count down when game is about to end.

Stuff yet to do before release:

  1. add credits scene to fulfill free licensing.
  2. add sound to game 1
  3. make replay more obvious on winning scene.

Stuff to finish after release:

  1. More games
  2. More sound effects
  3. refactor code base so game 3 is easier
  4. respond to user feed back
  5. (never ending list)

After release I’ll post images of the game…