Day 6-ish


I’ve been a bit lax on updates due to spending any free time on the game mechanics.

The overhead physics is now about right with some polish needed around transfer of momentum from the touch event to a game object. AndEngine, or really any game engine, doesn’t make touching and physics work well together. If you want to make an Angry Birds clone that would be easy, but making your finger the bird is much harder… unless it’s that other bird…

Anyway, I finally have the first mini-game completed. It is called Keep Away, with the simple concept of keeping stuff away from the opponent. There are basic menus, dialogs, game time, and game over transitions. I can now play test with my wife, who thinks the best part is the clucking noise when things collide. Hopefully that won’t be the the only highlight.

I would post a screenshot but it’s still a bit too ugly for the Internet.