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I am a software guy with 20+ years experience. When I’m not writing code, I’m thinking about it. I have a wife I don’t deserve and 2 sons that don’t know better.

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Measure Linux Manhood using Busybox

For those in the embedded Linux world, Busybox seems to be the single most important thing to have in their filesystem other than OS itself. This is something I just recently discovered as I started rooting my Android devices. Prior to Busybox I’ve been stuck using my laptop to edit files, then using adb commands to get things to the right location on the device. When I was really stuck, I’d end up using adb shell and the simplified utilities that are in /system/bin. But now with Busybox I have access to all the commands I’m accustom to using in a full Linux/Unix distribution.

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This is a Test Phone Blog

The jury is still out on whether I can productively write anything on a mobile device. I just received a Galaxy Note, installed Hackers Keyboard, and installed Writer app. The Note provides nearly an extra inch of keyboard while the Hackers Keyboard provides all the typical keys on used to on a desktop. Lastly was finding an app that highlights my favorite plain text writing language, Markdown.

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Random Password Progam Redux

Well this goes to show that I should always Google first, think later. The apg program seems to do everything I need and with much more flexibility.

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How to create human readable randomized passwords?

This issue came up in my day job where the client didn’t like our password reset passwords. They said it was too random and people can’t remember it long enough between reading it in there email and entering it into our app/website.

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9 Year Old Developer

I just found out about this story this morning, and it warmed up my day.

It supports my belief that we’re all born with the yearning to create stuff.Cheers to the supportive father that didn’t minimize his efforts or force him to do what others expect of him.

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Where Does The Time Go

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything real. I started on a couple articles thinking I didn’t have time to update Thumb War, but in the end didn’t have time to finish those articles either.

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