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I am a software guy with 20+ years experience. When I’m not writing code, I’m thinking about it. I have a wife I don’t deserve and 2 sons that don’t know better.

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Vim Side Search: Making Search Fun Again

The quickfix feature is nice, but it doesn’t give enough context around the search term that leads to use ag from terminal and switch back and forth between programs. I do this search dance every day and I’ve had it! There must be better way!

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Sensible Horizontal Scroll in Vim

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference, and this is about as small as it can get. Occasionally, I hold down l, w, or e to view long lines which have disappeared off the window. It’s a bad habit and the penalty always ruins my concentration. But after I found this setting, I’m free to cursor around like an innocent child unaware of death.

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Making a Window Submode in Vim

I found a plugin that is changing my Vim-tire life! This plugin is so awesome it should be built into default Vim. What does the plugin do? It enables the creation of new submodes. Why would a person want more modes?!? Isn’t dealing with modes the main deterrent for new Vim users? Isn’t Normal, Insert, Command-line, Visual, Select, and Operator-pending enough? (Did I miss one?) Let’s try out a new submode and see what happens.

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Yank Without Jank

For all the great things Vim has to offer, it still has some inconsistencies with basic editors that I simply can’t unlearn. One of these nasties is moving the cursor after a visual yank. Go ahead, try it: vipy. Where’s your cursor? Where did you expect it to be located? When you’re in a boring editor and do shift-down-down-down <Cmd-c>, where’s your cursor? Where did you expect it to be located? This janky behaviour always throws me off for a moment, then I compose myself, do a <backtick><greaterthan> to jump to the end of my selection, and p.

There must be a better way!

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Vim Toggle Movement: I Just Want to Go Home

I have a problem with the ^ key. I need its functionality, but its proximity is too far for either of my stubby index fingers. No vimrc change can physically move it closer to me, but I have found a way to move its funtionality to another a key. A key which already knows how to go home. An alternate home. A home where my heart isn’t. Enough drama, what’s the problem?!?

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BS to the Black Hole

First post in 2 years. Sorry to keep you waiting.

I’ve been playing with Vim again, more specifically NeoVim https://neovim.io/, and this time I think it’s going to stick.

The Problem

Sometimes, I want to delete text without worrying about blowing away the unnamed register. This can be done by prefixing a normal or visual delete with "_, but that’s an awkward dance for my pinky and ring finger. Go ahead, try it. You’ll feel like you’re in junior high again.

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