title: Where does the time go? date: 2011-06-04 13:00:00 -05:00 comments: true categories: posterous_id: 55640459 —

where does the time gophoto © 2008 cmcbrown | more info (via: Wylio)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything real. I started on a couple articles thinking I didn’t have time to update Thumb War, but in the end didn’t have time to finish those articles either.

Which brings me to the simple question. Where does the time go? My guess is work and family. I found the above image free online, so I cannot really vouch for it’s accuracy, but it sure looks pretty.

On the Thumb War to-do list is:

  1. Provide Tablet layouts for those who play on Landscape style devices (Xoom, ASUS Tab, Playbook, HP Slate, etc…)
  2. Update to latest AndEngine to get some critical fixes orientation issues
  3. Add video of game play to help those who don’t “get it”.

As for the articles that I’ve started but didn’t finish:

  1. Closures: Ruby vs Groovy - Fight!
  2. Ghetto Graphs: Too cool for Excel

Enjoy your summer!