Live Today, Live Tomorrow with the Archos 9.

Too bad my Christmas list is full.
Live Today, Live Tomorrow with the Archos 9.
via UMPCPortal by Chippy on 12/17/09


In a few hours, I’ll be down in the studio playing around with the Archos 9 that is on it’s way from the DHL depot. I won’t be too interactive as I want to record an unboxing video and some testing in preparation for the real live session with JKK (one of our Friday night, bring-your-own-bottle sessions) on Friday evening starting at 2130 CET. (Check your time here)

Live sessions take place in the LIVE page which is always available (and open for chat via IRC)

In the live session we’ll be talking about the Archos 9, the Archos 5, the Motorola Droid/Milestone and the Eking S515 (also known as the PsiXPDA)

We look forward to seeing you.

Thanks for for sending the Archos 9 over for testing.


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