APE (Ajax Push Engine) :: Real time data streaming


Why APE is insanely great?

Only web standards!

APE only uses web standards (with the use of the Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)). You do not need any plugins to be installed on your web browser, just enjoy!


APE works with all of the Internet browsers, it is cross-platform and cross-subdomain. It works on mobile devices, smartphones, video game platforms, as long as they include a web browser.

Push, don’t pull!

APE is a Server for pushing real-time data to Rich Internet Applications, no pull! Data is sent, live, to thousands of clients, in a JavaScript socket fashion. It allows you to write real-time web applications without using any client plugins (Java, Flash…).

100% FREE & OpenSource!

The APE Project is 100 % Open Source and FREE for commercial and non-commercial use, released under the GNU Public Licence version 2. We want to contribute to a better web by sharing our technologies.

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Announcement : APE 1.0 – Something is happening…

Hello everyone, For a few months now our team has been at work around the clock, moving forward with the development of APE. We had such great feedback from you guys that we want to extend our many thanks to you – our community and contributors! The deployment of APE version 1.0 is getting a lot closer, […]

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Watch the APE video

Sit down and watch the APE video to understand how the APE technology works.


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Could be a nice framework to use instead of Coment